Friday, August 12, 2016

How to install and use Radio Tray in elementary

I frequently listen to online radio streams, and I think it's clunky to download the .pls file to Downloads, then open VLC and browse to the file to listen. It's even worse to download a whole program like Clementine just to listen to radio streams. There HAS to be a better way.

I was searching through the Software Center one day and came across this:

An online radio streaming player, JUST what I needed! So I downloaded it, and ran it from the Applications menu, and ... NOTHING. No windows, no errors, no activity indicator, nothing.

Thankfully this is not 1985, and I have access to the internet. I was able to come up with the following solution that makes Radiotray work AND display in the Notification area, so I don't have to monkey with browsing for it or cluttering up my dock: WIN - WIN!!

Here's what I did:

1. Go ahead and install Radio Tray from the Software Center, it won't work right now, but it's OK.

2. <Super+T> to open a terminal and type:

  • cd /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/radiotray
double check that path by starting to type, then hit <Tab> to make sure it's right, but it should be.

3. Once you're in that directory, type:

  • sudo scratch-text-editor
Or again for faster service (because who wants to type out scratch-text-editor every time?) type sudo scra<Tab> and it should fill out the rest, then type (Or SysT<Tab> should do it.)

4. Within Scratch, find this:

and comment out (add # before) gtk.gdk.threads_init(), like this:

Wait a few seconds for it to save (I do anyway.)

5. Then just start it from the Applications menu, and it should work. Add stations, listen to the stock ones, add it to your Startup, whatever you want to do! Here is the indicator in action with the Notification for the station I selected.

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